December 19, 2021
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12 way to Make more money from a married man


Make more money from a married man, it might seem dirty, but as a lady, you need money sometimes, and a married man you know seems like the only option. In this post I will show you how to Make more money from a married man.

Make more money from a married man
Make more money from a married man.

We understand that you will be wondering why this post teaches single ladies how to get money from a married man. But after reading this post, you’re going to find that out on your own.

So to get money from a married man, you must first become like a baby. I mean that you should allow him to control you and try not to interfere in his marital life. These strategies aren’t the same as when you want to make your boyfriend give you money.

Indeed, the only way to tell if a married man loves you is by how he treats you, cares for you, and spends on you. As you already, whenever a married man is not in love with you, you won’t get any money from him.

But let’s be honest, most single ladies date married men for the money, which means you wouldn’t want to end up not making money. However, the question remains, how do you get money from a married man?

Today’s post will expose some tested and working methods for getting money from a married man.

Steps To Make more money from a married man

Respect Him

Know that if you have to call at all, it’s always best to know when and how to call him, else you can send him a message. You shouldn’t start calling him like your regular boyfriend; this will get you blocked and discarded because he is a married man.

You should learn to control yourself, even if you’ve fallen in love, take it easy with your calls. You can call one or two times, and he doesn’t pick up, he will call you back. Make sure you don’t try to wreck his marriage with your call because you are in love.

Always Monitor His Mood

Just like women, men equally succumb to mood swings. So make sure you study your married sugar daddy and learn how to deal with him whenever you observe his mood swings. Try to understand when he truly wants to be left alone and respect that.

But don’t relent in calling to check up on him despite his mood swings. Once you do this, he will remember how you cared and would give you money without you asking whenever he recovers.

Once you can understand and respect his mood, you will have added advantage of knowing the best time to ask for money so that you will get a favorable response from him.

Remember that married men admire a mature lady a lot; this means that showcasing maturity when dealing with his moods helps you whenever you need to ask for money from him.

Always Appreciate Him

In case you’re interested in getting money from a married man, you have to make him feel appreciated. Note that it is more like treating him like a king. Indeed, men, on like women, love to be pampered. Just because he is a man doesn’t mean he is not fragile. Remember that men do cry, especially when they are alone.

However, your married sugar daddy shouldn’t show weakness before you pamper him. Since he makes you happy, there are many ways to show your appreciation, such as calling him sweet names, buying him gifts, etc. But the most proven method is doing it the old-fashioned way.

You can give him mind-blowing sex and make him feel appreciated; this is why he’s spending on you. So if you want to know how to get money from a married man, ensure he feels appreciated even for the least he does.

Don’t Ever Show You Are Jealous

The truth is, even if you’re jealous, hide it. Remember that you’re stealing something, so you shouldn’t be unhappy that someone else is stealing it too. Note that you cannot have that many guts. But in case you cannot stop yourself from being jealous, hide it.

Whenever you’re going out with him, and you see him greeting another lady warmly, go and take your seat. Make sure you don’t stand there giving him the eye; you should note that you will be a distraction.

Note that sometimes the other lady might be a friend or your predecessor. I hope you do not think that you’re his first side chic? Make sure to be friendly, courteous, and grand.

Make Sure To Control Your Emotions When Around Him


understand that there are times when you might feel worried about the attention he is giving to other things, people, or his wife. Sometimes it might anger you, but remember that how you express your emotions will determine how often you’ll get money from him.

Don’t ever sigh unnecessarily or even speak disrespectfully out of anger as some ladies do. Instead, try to express your grievances maturely. Doing this will earn you his respect, which will make him give you money when you ask.

Many young ladies feel that speaking their minds involves being blunt. But they sometimes end up being rude, which is why you should be soft while dating a married man.

Whenever you disrespect him, you hurt the chances of getting money from him

Always Remember That You’re Not His Wife, Don’t Act Like Her

Remember that he married his wife, not you; you shouldn’t mind the sweet words he keeps telling you. Indeed, he might even promise to leave her and marry you, but chances are he’ll really do it and maybe not.

He told you this for everything to keep going on well and keep that great sex going. Always remember that you’re not his wife; don’t behave like one. Remember that you’re a distraction, a pleasant distraction, and nothing more. Try to learn to stay in your lane, don’t nag him, since you know all the benefits you are getting from him.

Move With Pride

It doesn’t mean you should be very proud that he begins to detest you. It simply means you should find pride in him.

You can find time to let him know that you can’t help being proud around him. His response would be like, “really?” trust me, he will be blushing. And if he is financially okay, he will spend more money on you

I understand that you sleep with him, and you’re dating him for his money; it’s okay. However, I advise you to maintain self-respect.

Note that men love women that carry themselves gracefully, so ensure you do not exempt yourself from flaunting about like a queen. Doing this will spark some jealousy from the married man, making him spoil you with money to keep other men away.

Pay Your Bills Sometimes

Indeed, paying some bills is one of the greatest secrets regarding how to get money from a married man. Understanding that his wife typically relies on him for almost everything should tell you that he is responsible for his marital home’s minor expenses. So the best you can do for yourself is to pay some of your bills.

Whenever you do this, any time he plans to spend on you, he will double the amount you paid for him the other day. But if this married man is not in the wealthy class, he will overlook the expenses you incurred for him the other day.

The question is, can you pay some of the bills incurred during your time together? In case your answer is yes, then go ahead and do it for the sake of you getting more money from him.

In case you don’t know some of the minor expenses you can cover for him, then here are some you can do:

  • Pay for the fueling his car
  • Pay for the food
  • Pay for his hair cut
  • Pay for fixing his tire
  • And many more.

Trust me, making these little investments will work to your advantage later, though it may seem that you are not gaining at the moment.

Ask In A Polite Manner

You are still thinking about how to get money from a married man? Note that no married man likes a rude side chick. So whenever you’re making monetary requests from him, remember that men have fragile egos, and use some manipulative asking strategies.

What I expect you to do is to massage that ego with your politeness, seduction and do it in a commendable manner. Though, this man will succumb to giving you money even without asking.

Always understand that he has family responsibilities, and whenever there is a need for such obligations, try to encourage him rather than accuse him of spending too little on you.

Make sure you understand the right time to ask for money and say it out. Indeed, the married man knows that you need the money, and if he has, he would be willing to give you.

He already knows that you’re dating him for the money. Whenever you make money requests, be polite and make sure you don’t retort whenever you respond negatively.

Faithfulness Is The Key

There is no man currently happy that the woman he spends money on also cheats or spends the money she gets from him on another man. Faithfulness is the key that gives a man the confidence to spend more on a lady because he has the assurance you love him and not his money. When you are faithful, spending on you doesn’t affect him because he also knows you are reliable. He knows that giving to you will come back to him, and that’s love.

Once he finds out that you cheat and don’t break up with you, know that he will have doubts whenever he wants to spend on you. Remember that you can’t be a cheating woman, playing many men and at the same time expecting a man to still spend on you when he finds out.

Loyalty Is The Way

Married men expect their side chicks to be loyal. Remember that we all will love someone who supports and is ready to do anything to be with us. So denying your man in front of your friends will make him doubt your loyalty, and I don’t think he will be eager to spend on you. Give your man that confidence that you are always loyal and he wouldn’t bother spending more on you.

Satisfy Him

You already know what I mean right? No matter what it costs you, always get him satisfied and fulfill his fantasies. Even if he is stingy, you can still use this strategy to get money from a stingy man.


Always remember that there’s no married man that will be stingy to the lady he loves. Though a man might be cheap to his friends, this man will dare not hold back on giving you money and other material things for a side chick that caresses his hairy chest.

However, it would help if you always tried to figure out the soft spot of your sideman.

Find out if he is the type of man that succumbs to your request whenever you open your legs for him. Many married men love sexual conversations, so flatter him of how amazing he is in bed.

Make sure you are not angry whenever a married man is reluctant to spend money on you. It may be that there is something you’re doing wrongly, which is the reason for this post today. Just try to adjust and study these tips to understand how to get money from a married man.


Make more money from a married man

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